Old news


New paper in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science added to Publications section!



Paper in Dansk Kemi available - In danish only (Click here).



The section "Research Interests" has been updated with information on my current PhD research.










20-12-2013: New Paper Published!

Our Paper on "Anisotropic Growth of Gold Nanoparticles using Cationic Gemini Surfactants: Effects of Structure Variations in Head and Tail Groups" has been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C.



14-08-2013: New Paper online!

My account "Wet Chemical Synthesis of Soluble Gold Nanogaps" is now online at Accounts of Chemical Research.


12-10-2012: PhD defended!

Defended my PhD "Gold Nanorods, Electronics & Self-Assembly" with great succes. Right click--> Save as


31-08-2012: PhD Thesis submitted!

Oral defense scheduled for October 12th, 2012!


13-04-2012: List of publications updated

New paper ACS Nano added to Publications section.


05-03-2011: Welcome - Launch of www.titoo.dk

Welcome to the new personal homepage of Titoo Jain. This new site features a simpler design compared to previous versions. The content has been reconsidered and now showcases an online résumé together with short descriptions of my research interests.


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